About the practice 

*A yoga class should be a safe, comfortable and enjoyable space for everyone.

* Time on the mat, whether it is to invite peace and relaxation or to challenge your body and mind, should be your choice.

* It is always acceptable and encouraged for all students to take things at their own pace and rest whenever needed.

* We offer a variety of yoga styles and levels in the hope that everyone finds one that serves them best on any particular day.

**please note - Studio opens 10-15 mins before classes and for safety                                 reasons we lock the door 5 mins after class starts **


We suggest you have a look at our monthly  pass deals and take advantage of them to make your yoga practice consistent and experience  the long term benefits for your self....Thank you  

Class Descriptions


**For our Tuesday Evening Pali Flow we heat up the room just slightly higher to about  75-80 

 For all our other classes the room is kept comfortably  warm.

 Classes called ‘Vinyasa Flow’ and sometimes further announced as different levels (all levels, level1, 1-2, etc)  are practices where the sequence of poses flow from one to the next  without holding any one pose for a long time..

That being said most often in the beginning of class to warm up safely and towards the end, we do slow down a bit and hold some of the postures longer.


We relax into the breath, finish with a sense of peace and realignment to our center.


If you are a relatively healthy person, not working through an active injury and like to be creatively engaged with your body and mind on your mat ,an ‘all-levels Vinyasa’ can be a  enjoyable and very rewarding practice building strength, improving muscle tone and increasing flexibility.


While in a traditional sense hatha refers to all forms of physical yoga practice, in common usage the word means a style of yoga that is centered on longer holds of poses and less vigorous movements.   This extended duration in a pose gives the yogi time to focus deeply on the breath and centering his or her awareness on the sensations of the body. 


This is a wonderful style for beginners but it is truly suited to all levels of practitioners; more advanced students will find opportunity to go deeper and further into their bodies.


Restorative yoga is a gentle practice that is suitable for everyone. It involves the use of yoga props like bolsters, blankets,blocks and straps to fully support the body in all the poses practiced, allowing it to relax and release safely.


It is ideal for people healing from an injury or strenuous activity or just as a getaway from a hectic lifestyle  to restore and revitalize the body and bring deep relaxation within the mind and breath.


Yin yoga are a series of poses done passively on the floor and is a unique style where in the long holds the practitioner relaxes the muscles and moves deeper within the body.


Postures may be held between 3-5 mins at a time. It is a meditative approach with a physical focus that is deeper than a regular moving yang like practice. 


Many of the postures focus on areas that encompass joints(hips, sacrum,  spine) and can lead to immediate benefits like more open hips,a more relaxed body and centered mind.


Yin Yoga is a wonderful way to maintain flexibility in the joints.

It is best to try a Yin style class for a couple of sessions to really understand and absorb the many benefits.


*Suitable for everyone…

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