Yin-Yang balancing Yoga
January 28th Saturday
2pm - 4pm
fees $25
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Pre-register before 21st Jan to book your spot for $20

Realign your Energy,

Balance your body and invite a calm, stress free centered focus in your life.

In this 2 hour workshop we will understand the basic principles and practice of Yin yoga, the inner expression of being and then move into a easy yang practice,the outer expression of action.


This practice is a great way to find and sustain the delicate energetic alignment within ourselves bringing a deep sense of peace and freedom.

We will also do a some yogic breathing exercises that complete this experience by balancing the nervous system.


The goal is to leave the space feeling centered, relaxed and realigned.

Yin yoga

releases the fascia and connective tissues of the body, ligaments and joints enhancing flow of the meridian channels within the organic system. Traditional poses are held for a long time thus mind is attenuated in its outward distractions to rest with breath as one, Prana.

Yang yoga

emphasizes active, dynamic movement and targets the muscle groups, bones and marrow to stimulate inner heat and energy within the physiological system. Specific breathing techniques are also included to encourage active meditation in motion.


This workshop is suitable for anyone with the ability to practice basic beginner yoga poses. 

The postures practiced can be experienced at ones own ability and intensity.

Pre-registration is encouraged. Spots are limited.

Payment can be made via paypal online or in cash/cheque at the studio.

you can also mail it in at Paliyoga 117 F street, Eureka CA- 95501