Kundalini Yoga Workshop - Subtlety and Power 
With Joan Burks Richards
April 8 - Saturday
2pm - 4pm
fees $25 

This workshop will introduce kundalini yoga to those who have not practiced this form of yoga in the past and will also serve those who have and wish to deepen into the subtle nature of this highly physical yoga.


You will learn or review forms of pranayama or breath control; bandhas or energy locks; mantras; meditation and asana, or physical postures, including basic alignment, commonly utilized in Kundalini Yoga.  We will weave this information together with a Kriya taught by Yogi Bhajan which will be followed by a deeply relaxing and healing savasana with Gong meditation.


While Kundalini Yoga is an energetic practice and at times calls for strength and flexibility of body and mind, this workshop will be suitable for most people and a prior history of yoga practice is no a requirement.  We begin where we are and allow the yoga and breath to be our guide.


 Kundalini Yoga is often referred to as the Yoga of Awareness, allowing its practitioners to access their higher consciousness using breath, movement, mantra and meditation.  For eons this form of yoga was taught as an oral tradition and in private by teacher to student.  It was not until the late 1960s that classes were taught openly and to the public by Yogi Bhajan.  With a little dedication and consistency, we begin to live our day to day life from that state of increased awareness/consciousness and vibrant health of body/mind/spirit. 

Suitable for beginners and experienced alike

book your spot online via paypal here or drop by with cash/cheque at the studio before or after classes..

117 F street, Eureka Ca- 95501


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