APRIL 17 - MAY 08

11am - 12.30pm

fees -$40 Pre-Reg by APRIL-15
$44   After   


*please note- there is a small PayPal charge ($1) that will be added to your workshop fees when you book online*

***Pls Note- This particular series is for Mamas & Pre-Crawling or Almost- Crawling age babies only....No toddlers or older siblings***

Yoga is an excellent way to restore and rejuvenate after baby arrives, to connect with other new moms and make friends for you and your baby!

Mamas are guided through stretching, toning and strengthening asanas, coordinated with the breath and designed to integrate joyful bonding time with new babes. There will be a small standing sequence whilst wearing your baby (so bring your carrier) and we will also practice some stretches on our babies.

Mamas are encouraged to show up for themselves too, as they are. The focus is on connection of mind, body, spirit and community


This class is very accommodating as moms are encouraged to nurse, change diapers and soothe babies in the room as necessary, then rejoin the class when they can. When class ends there is time to check in, relax with each other and enjoy connection in a warm, supportive environment.


Aubrey Sabre has been teaching yoga for over two years now.

After giving birth to her son Ambrose in November of 2018, her desire for connection and community inspired her to teach a Mama and Baby Yoga class with Pali Yoga.

Her goal is to share and receive support, confidence, and openness during this journey through motherhood. Also encouraging expression and self care mentally and physically.


Aubrey Sabre


What to Bring


  • A receiving blanket or other small blanket for your baby to lie on.

  • Your diaper bag, fully stocked with change of clothes, diapers, feeding supplies for newborns.

  • If your child is old enough for solid food, a few dry snacks (like Cheerios) and a sippy cup of water may occupy them for a bit. Avoid things that are hard to clean up if they spill, like applesauce and juice.

  • A favorite toy or two. For babies who aren't mobile, a stroller toy that you can dangle in front of them is nice. 

  • Anything else small that keeps your child happy!


Will Your Baby Like Yoga Class? 

This depends a lot on the personality of the baby. Some delight in the new sights and stimulation of the classroom environment and are perfectly content to look around and take it all in.

Others are freaked out by the very same stimulations and may cry a lot at first. They may eventually get used to it, so don't give up if the first class doesn't go well.

A few babies may snooze through the whole thing (oh happy day).

No Prior Yoga experience necessary.

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1 Class Drop Ins are $12 if spots are available  

You can also book with cash/cheque at the studio before or after classes..

117 F street, Eureka Ca- 95501


Or book your spot with cash/cheque(paliyoga) paid to Aubrey Sabre