Roll away the stress, muscular tension & tightness with a full session of yoga therapy ball massage.

 Following that restore your nervous system with deep sweet restorative yoga.


This workshop will focus on releasing tension in the whole body including feet, hips, shoulders and back through targeted self-massage and myofascial release with yoga Tune up Therapy balls.


Then rest in supported restorative shapes using props like bolsters, blankets etc for a luxurious nourishing reset.

The soothing sounds of Crystal singing bowls played while you settle into the restorative poses followed by Savasana will complete this deeply nourishing and meditative experience so you will leave the space fully rejuvenated yet relaxed in your body and mind.



This workshop is perfect for you if    

* you practice regular yoga(any style)

      * run or work out with/without weights in a gym 

  * play a sport/ are an athlete

  * sit for long hours/ drive often

         * just want to release and stretch all the tight spaces

in the body and feel good and relaxed :-) 


* want to create awareness from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head & from the surface of your skin to your deep fascia....

* Improve mobility, Posture and performance if you are an athlete, runner or into any form of vigorous physical activity.

If you have Yoga tune up balls bring them with you :-)

We will provide all props and have plenty of therapy balls for in-studio use.

Also as always if you decide to buy your own, the balls are at 10% off on the day of workshop.

This workshop is suitable and accessible for everybody (except for active intense injuries that restrict movement or ability to sit closer to the ground)

As always at Pali Yoga we will cap the final number of participants so as to avoid over crowding the room, book soon to ensure your spot..these workshops fill up fast.!

You can also pay at the studio via cash or cheque 

Date :- Friday, NOVEMBER 22

Time :- 6.00 - 8.00pm

Fees :- $25 by NOV 17

   $30 after

Unlimited yoga members can pre book

at the studio for only $20