Serena Ahlgren


Mon 9am - May24/31  ($20 - $40) 



Thu 9am -  May27  ($10 - $20)


Sun 10am - May30 ($10 - $20)

     2cl        sliding scale             $20           $30            $40        


Serena teaches an alignment based Vinyasa for all levels on Mondays,Thursdays and sundays in May.


Classes start May13th and have to be presigned up for since space is very limited.


Serena would like to offer her classes at a sliding scale of $10-20 each so they are accessible to more yogis.


If you would like to sign up for the series click on the siding scale option of your choice above.


If you would like to pay for a single class or need more info please email her directly at or call/text 707-702-2086