A 3 Part Series that will focus on

                                                     Mobility, Stability and

                                                 Myofascial Release of the entire body


                                                  Friday 6 -7.30pm

                                                Fees - $25 each 


1-October 5th   -    Feet, Legs and Hips

    Fees - PreRegister by Oct 01 for $20    


2-November 2nd - Hips & Lower Back

    Fees - PreRegister by Oct 29th for $20


3-December 7th -Neck, Shoulders & Upper back

    Fees - PreRegister by Dec 03rd for $20



   Pre-Register for all 3 by Oct 01 for $55

      *A nominal charge of $1 is added to all online payments via paypal

Please send us an email to be added to the waitlist or if you would be interested in seeing these workshops offered again...Thank you..!


not available

-This session is now fully booked

This workshop is perfect for you if    

* you practice regular yoga(any style)

      * run or work out with/without weights in a gym 

  * play a sport/ are an athlete

  * sit for long hours/ drive often

         * just want to release and stretch all the tight spaces in the body

and feel good and relaxed :-) 

In this series of workshops we will look into and aim to first stabilize a chain of joints through focused asanas(postures) and then bring mobility and ease of movement via specific longer held yin style poses that will help to melt all that sticky tension that builds up from vigorous exercise and/or sitting for long hours..

Pali Yoga-39.jpg

But the main and most delicious segment of these workshops will be the myfascial release with special yoga therapy balls that will be used to map out the deepest layers of your body , identify over burdened muscles and connective tissue that needs restoration and release and excavate tension ...

Create awareness from the soles of your feet to the crown of your head & from the surface of your skin to your deep fascia....

Improve mobility, Posture and performance if you are an athlete, runner or into any form of vigorous physical activity.

All props and therapy balls will be provided :-)

This workshop is not suitable for you if you have an active injury and/or are recovering from one...but is open to anyone willing to modify and explore their limits within their bodies.

As always at Pali Yoga we will cap the final number of participants so as to avoid over crowding the room, book soon to ensure your spot..these workshops fill up fast.!

You can also pay at the studio via cash or cheque